REpower Orders 48 Offshore Cranes from PALFINGER WIND (Austria)


REpower Systems SE, leading producer of wind turbines, is continuing to rely on the expertise of PALFINGER WIND: A major order for 48 cranes confirms the successful cooperation that has existed since 2003.

Cranes are an essential element in the upkeep, maintenance and servicing of wind turbines. In the last decade, PALFINGER WIND has developed a wide range of offshore cranes for these specific applications which enable the service teams of numerous wind farms to work even more efficiently. Reducing the downtime of the wind turbines to a minimum is a top priority.

Thomas Nitsch, in charge of the WIND division at PALFINGER, says, “We offer our customers a well thought-out and internationally tested service concept. It is based on a number of nacelle and platform cranes which are custom-designed and perfectly matched to each other in addition to a global service network. Thanks to our “strong assistants”, loading and unloading processes from supply ships and helicopter platforms become faster and safer. Handling of loads inside nacelles and platforms is also made considerably easier for the service teams.”

Safety and reliability always take priority for PALFINGER WIND. The design of the cranes has been certified by classification societies such as GL or DNV. All reasons that REpower, one of the leading producers of onshore and offshore wind turbines, is also very pleased to hear. As a long-standing partner of REpower Systems SE, PALFINGER WIND supplies, among other things, cranes of the PK 40002 range for the 5M and 6M wind turbines. The 5M and 6M offshore turbines with a rated power of 5,075 KW and a rotor diameter of 126.5 m belong to the megawatt class and therefore to the largest and most powerful wind turbines in the world. The PK 40002 onboard crane itself has been a permanently installed standard component of these turbines since the start of production.

A recent order, this time for 48 platform cranes, has only just been commissioned. Matthias Bessert, Commodity Manager at REpower Systems SE, is pleased with the deal that has been completed, “PALFINGER WIND is a reliable and highly competitive partner that offers high-quality products. Its global positioning enables it to respond to customer requirements with particular flexibility. These are strong arguments for us to continue to push ahead with our collaboration.”

PALFINGER WIND is very pleased with the confidence shown in it and will deliver the 48 cranes to REpower in the coming year.


Source: palfinger, August 04, 2011;