MPI Adventure Arrives to Harwich International Port (UK)

Harwich International Port welcomed the MPI Adventure on its maiden operational call to the port.

In conjunction with the jack-up vessel Seaworker, which has been working at the port since March of this year, the MPI Adventure will begin installing monopile foundations and transition pieces for Phase 1 of the London Array Offshore Windfarm.

 David Gledhill, Chief Executive Officer for Hutchison Ports UK, which owns Harwich International Port, said:

 “The UK’s offshore wind power projects are rapidly expanding, both in the size of wind farm developments and the installation vessels used, and we are pleased to welcome the largest vessel in her class. Sustainable energy sources are of paramount importance, and it is good to know that Harwich International Port is getting involved with projects that will help with the country’s future energy requirements, securing a ‘greener’ future for all in the long term.”

London Array operations at the port are being carried out alongside those of the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm, which commenced at Harwich in August 2009. With the world’s two largest current offshore wind projects being installed simultaneously from the port and with expectations high for future developments in this sector, Harwich is reinforcing its position as one of Europe’s leading ports in this important and expanding market.


Source: harwich, July 26, 2011