Dogger Bank Wind Farm Attracts Coastal Investments (UK)

Scarborough Council says years of work to capitalise on an unprecedented period of economic opportunity with the arrival of the world’s largest wind farm is now paying off, with a host of companies focusing “serious inward investment” on the North Yorkshire coast.

The announcement comes following top-level talks between Scarborough Council chiefs and Yorkshire and Humber Euro-MP Linda McAvan over plans to capitalise on the Dogger Bank wind farm, which is due to be built nearly 80 miles off the Yorkshire coast to generate up to 10 per cent of the nation’s electricity.

Scarborough is seen as one of the key locations to support the world’s largest offshore wind farm, and it is claimed an 18-month project to attract investment into the area ahead of the construction of massive scheme in 2015 is beginning to bear fruit.

Whitby, in particular, is the closest of any serviceable port to Dogger Bank and is able to offer maintenance ships 24-hour access to the North Sea.

The council’s Cabinet member for strategic planning and regeneration, Coun Derek Bastiman, said: “I was delighted that Linda was able to take time out of her busy schedule to visit us here in Scarborough and show so much interest in the work we are doing that will hopefully allow the borough to capitalise on the expansion of the offshore wind farm industry.

We discussed the exciting opportunity that offshore wind presented to the borough of Scarborough and the extensive work that the council and the Whitby and Scarborough Offshore Wind Network have been doing to prepare the way to make the most of this opportunity.

We also outlined the importance of the Yorkshire and Humber in standing together and presenting a united offering to the offshore industry.

Offshore wind doesn’t recognise local authority boundaries and if the region is to truly benefit we must act as one cohesive body.”

Mrs McAvan said: “The planned offshore wind farm on Dogger Bank can provide jobs, investment and clean energy for this area and Yorkshire and the Humber as a whole.

“However, we must not be complacent and it’s exciting to hear that Scarborough Council is ready to grasp this opportunity with both hands.


Source: yorkshirepost, July 26, 2011;