Windreich AG Issues New Corporate Bond (Germany)


Windreich AG from Wolfschlugen is issuing a new corporate bond, the Windreich Bond 2011, with a volume of up to 75 million euros. With a term of five years, a fixed interest rate of 6.5 per cent annually as well as a minimum investment and denomination of 1,000 euros, the Windreich Bond 2011  is designed for private and institutional investors. Since 1999 the company has planned, erected and operated onshore and offshore wind farms. As early as 2010, Windreich AG successfully placed a bond over 50 million euros.

With the Windreich Bond 2011 investors profit from the future market of renewable energies,” stated Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Willi Balz, the Chairman of the Board of Windreich AG.

According to the German federal government’s energy concept, the share of electricity generated from renewable energies should increase from 17 to 35 per cent by 2020. The majority of this electricity should be generated offshore. Windreich AG possesses building permits for the three wind farms “Global Tech I”, “MEG I” and “German Bight”; the first two of these are on the verge of implementation. Furthermore, Windreich AG has secured 35 per cent of the suitable and usable areas in the German North Sea as per the ranking established by wind:research of the 15 most promising ocean wind farm projects and is thus the absolute market leader.

The rating agency Creditreform thus regards Windreich AG to be clearly in the range of investment grade with BBB+ and certifies a very satisfactory credit rating, which in comparison to the overall economy corresponds to an above-average evaluation.

Private investors can subscribe to the bond in nominal denominations of 1,000 euros with the international securities identification number A1H3V3 as of 4 July 2011 over their main bank by transmitting a purchase application to the Stuttgart stock exchange or directly over the company. As of 15 July 2011 the Windreich Bond 2011 can be traded in the Bondm segment of the Stuttgart stock exchange.

The company plans to use the proceeds of the new issue for the construction of the wind farm projects in the German North Sea. “Thanks to the offshore wind energy KfW program approved by the German government for the first ten erected offshore wind farms, we immediately have the repeated pleasure of receiving subsidies,” was Balz’s explanation of Windreich AG’s strategy. The basic goal of Windreich AG is to cement and expand role as a pioneer in the wind market.


Source: Windreich AG, July 05, 2011;