The Netherlands: Workships Contractors and Doeksen Family Expand into Offshore Wind Industry

Dutch offshore and ferry operating companies Workships Contractors and the Doeksen family announce their continued expansion into the service sector of the offshore wind industry by signing a Heads of Agreement for an Anglo-Dutch co-operation with Offshore Wind Power Marine Services Ltd, one of the longest serving companies in the wind farm transfer vessel market.

Recently Workships and Doeksen announced their support for BMO Offshore, the offshore wind measurement solutions provider based in The Hague, the Netherlands and now the growth continues into the wind farm transfer vessel market.

This co-operation agreement allows OWPMS to continue expanding its fleet of South Boats Special Projects catamarans and to take advantage of the operational and marketing infrastructures available within Workships and Doeksen. Through this, OWPMS can continue to be a leader in a market where certification, increased capability vessels and management systems are becoming more and more important.

The current contracts held by OWPMS will continue unchanged and we will be looking forward to welcoming new clients to the current fleet of 8 service vessels in the combined fleets, ranging from 12 meter GRP to 15 meter aluminum design. As part of the co-operation agreement, Letters of Intent will be signed with South Boats Special Projects for two 21 meter, DNV Classed Wind Farm Service Vessels for delivery in early 2012. OWPMS and their partners are continuing their relationship with South Boats which started in 2003, as South Boats is known as the industry standard boat for providing wind farm transfer services.

Workships Contractors BV is a privately owned ship and project Management Company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and has been providing services to the offshore industry since 1988. The Doeksen family has been involved in the Dutch shipping industry since 1908. Rederij Doeksen operates fast and conventional passenger and car ferries to the Frisian Islands and two 12 meter South Boats as water taxis/wind farm transfer vessels in the Dutch wind sector. In addition, Doeksen operates a fleet of 9 low wash fast passenger ferries in the Rotterdam area via the Waterbus consortium with Arriva Nederland BV. OWPMS cofounders have been involved in servicing offshore wind farms since the beginning of the industry in the UK, by providing services to the UK’s first large scale offshore wind farm North Hoyle and through innovation and experience commissioned the first purpose built wind farm service vessel which was introduced in 2006. The Company is still providing services to North Hoyle 8 years later.

OWPMS in co-operation with Workships Contractors and the Doeksen family aim to continue being the number one provider of quality transfer and in-field services to the offshore wind farm industry in the UK, Europe and further afield by combining the experience and knowhow of fast crew vessels, accommodation vessel experience, fast ferry operations and offshore oil and gas operations.


Source: WORKSHIPS, June 16, 2011; Image: offshorewindpower