NSW and GMSL to Install Submarine Cable for Global Tech I Offshore Wind Farm (Germany)

On 17 May 2011, Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH (Global Tech) signed an order with a consortium of Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH (NSW) and Global Marine Systems Ltd. (GMSL) to deliver and install over 100 km of medium-voltage submarine array cables for the Global Tech I offshore wind farm.

The installation work will start in late 2012, with the project scheduled to be completed in 2013. The Global Tech I wind farm is located about 138 km northwest off the German coastal city of Emden. The windpark will consist of 80 wind turbines, each rated at 5 MW. Upon completion Global Tech I will supply an expected 445,000 households with renewable energy. The package awarded to the consortium covers the production, delivery and installation of the infield submarine cables. NSW will manufacture and supply 122 km of medium voltage submarine array cables. The installation work, in water at around 40 metres depth, will be carried out by GMSL.

“With Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke (NSW) and Global Marine Systems we have two extremely experienced companies as partners, and both have successfully completed a range of offshore projects already,“ said Tim Kittelhake, Technical Director of Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH. “NSW won us over with their state-of-the-art cable manufacturing. Furthermore, certain cable components can be designed and made by their parent company, General Cable. Thereto, with Global Marine Systems we have the best cable-laying vessels that are presently available in the offshore industry.”

Thorsten Schwarz, Managing Director of NSW: ”The successful realization of the Global Tech I project will be a major milestone for the German Offshore Industry with its concept to build the parks far away from any shoreline. We are proud that the project team of Global Tech has well received the outstanding expertise of NSW and GMSL in turnkey array cable solutions and is entrusting this responsibility to us. References combined, NSW and GSML already have connected more than 600 offshore wind turbines.”

“Global Marine is pleased to be working with NSW on Global Tech I” said Nicci Broom, Director of Global Marine Systems, Energy. “Working closely with a partner that like GMSL, has delivered turnkey cable solutions before enables us both to leverage our experience in the best possible way and to put forward a comprehensive, high quality, supply and install solution. We look forward to working closely with NSW to successfully install the infield cable for Global Tech I.”



Source: nsw, June 07, 2011