Two Firms Establish RG Seasight Fenders (Denmark)


The two companies RG Rom Gummi A/S (RG) and A/S Hvide Sande Skibs- og Baadebyggeri (HSSB) have established the company RG Seasight Fenders ApS, whose purpose it is to deliver the most safe and durable fenders for supply boats – primarily when transferring crew to wind turbines.

Each of the two companies have core competences and resources to fulfil this, and therefore RG and HSSB have decided to establish a joint sales and marketing company for fender systems to the offshore industry.

HSSB have strong competences within calculation, construction etc. in connection with building of vessels, and RG have strong competences within hot-vulcanised rubber for the maritime industry.

In connection with a new building in 2006 HSSB started developing a fender system for transfer of crew together with RG. However, the positive effects of the cooperation became clearer throughout the years. The competences of the two companies complement each other perfectly, and together they have the largest knowledge about fenders with hot-vulcanised rubber for the maritime sector. Fenders are wearing parts like a car tyre, and it is therefore important with regard to efficiency at sea to be able to produce a long-lasting fender which very safe shock-absorber and grip when berthing the wind turbines. Our fender systems are used on different types of vessels in Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.

The Managing Director of HSSB, Mr. Hans Peter Kristensen, says that there is a trend towards intense growth of offshore wind turbines which will require supply boats constructed for safe transfer of crew at the offshore wind turbines. With RG we have found a qualified and serious partner with regard to development and sale of fender systems. It is still the vision and objective of RG Seasight Fenders ApS to be market leading when it comes to quality, sales and development of fender systems for the maritime sector. The fender is the most important basis for safe transfer of crew.

The Managing Director of RG, Mr. Jesper Berg Kristensen, continues and says that since the start-up in 1983 RG has had the maritime sector as a main customer and is therefore aware what safety and high quality means for efficiency at sea. Financially, one less day at sea means a lot, both in the fishing industry as well as in the offshore industry. Therefore RG has always prioritised service and quality. HSSB, with whom we have cooperated for years and produced fenders with since 2006, is known to us as a serious company building on strong values we can identify with.

Both companies have until now personally marketed the developed fender systems. In order to avoid confusion on the market – and not least in order to focus specifically on development, service, and marketing, we have now chosen to establish a joint company.

Both Directors say that the fender systems of today have a completely different construction than when starting up in 2006. This is due to feedback from customers and test results which have caused development and optimisation of the properties of the fender systems. Today we have products with great wearability and absorption as well as the best grip on the market. All things considered, a solution which gives the optimum number of days at sea.

RG Seasight fenders ApS offers the customers a concept which ensure an intact fender system for up to 4 years. We call the concept RG Seasight Care which is a maintenance agreement, enabling the customer to know of the costs in the operating period in advance. We dare offer our customers this product, as we guarantee the quality of our products.

One of our new initiatives is that the fender systems can be delivered with an intelligent module measuring the forces at the boat landing when berthing. This contributes to ensure optimum friction of the fender when landing and is used as data login for documentation.

With this new company, customers can expect a reliable and dependable business partner who intends to give the best possible service and innovation of safety within transfer of crew to offshore wind turbines, and in addition speaks the language of the customers.


Source: rgs-fenders, June 06, 2011