The Netherlands: Seaway Heavy Lifting Orders OCTOPUS-Onboard for its Oleg Strashnov


Seaway Heavy Lifting ordered OCTOPUS-Onboard for one of the largest Heavy Lift vessels in the world: the 5000-mt Crane vessel Oleg Strashnov. This latest edition to the SHL fleet is used for execution of various offshore heavy lift projects.

The Oleg Strashnov successfully completed its sea trials in November 2010. With OCTOPUS-Onboard the motions of the vessel and the crane are monitored. A workability window shall also be added to the system. The window is interfaced with the weather forecast. In this way the crew can easily see if a heavy lift operation can be executed in a safe way in the next hours and days ahead.

Managing director Leon Adegeest from Amarcon is content with the order from the first class heavy lift transporter: “We are proud that Seaway Heavy Lifting has decided to purchase OCTOPUS-Onboard for their latest new build Oleg Strashnov.”

He continues: “You can imagine that it is important for SHL to know what kind of environmental conditions they will encounter during an operation, and how these conditions impact the motions of the vessel. You are looking at a 5000-mt crane that can lift up to heights of 100 meters. With our OCTOPUS measurement system the crew onboard can monitor critical motions, velocities and accelerations of the vessel in real-time in any virtual sensor location. The motions of the crane tip can also be monitored and displayed. This will greatly affect the crews understanding of the vessels behavior and will help them to stay within safe and efficient operational limits.”


Source: Amarcon, May 24, 2011