Siemens Helps Japan with USD 8.7 Million Donation


Siemens AG and its employees have demonstrated their profound concern for the victims of the natural disaster in Japan.

The company’s international fundraising campaign has collected €4 million in monetary donations to support those affected by the earthquake and its aftermath. Employees from 45 countries contributed a total of around €2 million. The company has matched this amount and, in addition, donated €2 million in kind to provide immediate assistance.

On March 16, Siemens launched a company-wide fundraising campaign. In the first ten days alone, company employees transferred a total of more than €1 million to special donation accounts at international aid organizations. Siemens promised to match all employee donations made by April 15. To support local medical services, the company has also provided donations in kind such as mobile ultrasound devices and reagents for lab tests.


Source: siemens, April 22, 2011