Gamesa Launches G136-4.5 MW Turbine Designed for Low Wind (Spain)

Gamesa, a global technology leader in the wind energy market, is attending the Energy 2011 Hannover trade fair (hall 27, stand M34) to showcase its new wind turbine, the G136-4.5 MW Class III, which is specially designed for low-wind sites.

The device strengthens the newest turbine system Gamesa has released to the market, the G10X, with 4.5 MW of unit capacity. It shares the same design standards as the G128-4.5 MW Class IIA, including minimal cost of energy (COE) and a modular design (a segmented blade design unique on the market with 66.5 m), which makes it as easy to transport and assemble as a 2.0-MW turbine and simplifies maintenance.

“The G136-4.5 MM, now commercially available for installation in 2012, benefits from the exhaustive validation and testing programme conducted on the G10X-4.5 MW platform,” said Javier Perea, Gamesa sales and projects general manager.

With a 136-metre rotor diameter and a hybrid 120-metre tower, the turbine features all of the innovative technologies Gamesa developed for the G10X-4.5 MW system, including Innoblade®, Multismart®, ConcreTower®, CompacTrain®, GridMate® and FlexiFit®. The latter is a self-mounting, nacelle-coupled crane, which has been validated and tested and is capable of hoisting the main components of a turbine.

The turbine’s swept area, 14,527 m2, exceeds that of the G128-4.5 MW by 13%, enabling an increase of up to 8% in annual energy output vs. the G128-4.5 MW at low-wind sites.



Source: gamesa, April 04, 2011