The AMBAU Corporate Group is growing (Germany)

The corporate group is adding to its performance portfolio by setting up AMBAU Offshore GmbH

Bremen, Germany: All flags will be flying in the offshore direction from December 1, 2010 because this is when AMBAU Offshore GmbH will be launching its business activities.

AMBAU Offshore GmbH has a product and service portfolio focusing on companies whose activities are directly and indirectly involved in the offshore wind power market.

One concentration of AMBAU Offshore GmbH is consultation and project services along the entire value-added chain in building and operating an offshore wind power park. That starts with planning, continues on with organisation and goes right down to guiding and assisting domestic and foreign offshore projects in handling all regulations with official authorities.

Another accent is in procuring, operating and coordinating ships or building units and creating synergies among companies from these areas.

AMBAU Offshore’s team consists of seasoned managers, chief engineers, logisticians and maritime experts from the wind power sector.

When we caught up with Michael Nowak, the CEO of AMBAU Offshore GmbH, this is what he had to say about the project: “Offshore wind power has a key role to play in expanding regenerative energies. This is why my team and I are looking forward to meeting these challenges together with our customers”.


Source: ambau-gmbh, December 10, 2010