SGS to Attend Offshore Wind Logistics 2011 Conference in London (UK)

The Offshore Wind Energy Logistics 2011 Conference, which takes place in the Grange City Hotel in London, from January 19-20, is the only event that focuses exclusively on the logistics of constructing the next generation of offshore wind farms.

Organized by Hanson Wade, a global events company providing invaluable insight to business leaders, the Offshore Wind Energy Logistics 2011 presents a perfect opportunity for the leading players of the offshore wind energy sector to learn how to successfully navigate the challenges presented by working further from shore, in deeper water, with bigger equipment and at an accelerated pace.

Among the topics to be discussed at the two-day event are the latest developments in Vessel, Foundation and Turbine Technology, Environmental Conditions, Risk Management and Safety Policy. Moreover, attendees will have a unique chance to learn how to mitigate risk to secure a robust logistics strategy and encourage vital investment.

The Offshore Wind Energy 2011 Conference presents an exquisite occasion for SGS Renewable Energy to showcase its wide portfolio of services for the renewable energy sector and meet potential business partners.

On January 19, 2011, Jale Cairney, Vice President Global Risk Management from SGS Industrial Services will give a speech on the Risk Management of Wind Farm Project Logistics, scheduled for 14.50.

Based on the extensive experience and competence of SGS in the Risk Management sector, Jale will focus on how unmanaged risk exposure puts a wind farm project at risk of not achieving Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSE), cost, schedule and technical performance targets. Among the topics to be discussed will be risk identification, quantification, prioritization, mitigation and analysis as well as assessment of contingency requirements of project logistics. Moreover, attendees will learn about interest risks, contractual risks, risk sharing, risk tolerance and risk cover. In addition, Jale Cairney will talk about the overall impact of Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) and Technical Risk Analysis (TRA) for project logistics as well as the importance of early identification and management of risks facilities to keep a project on track.

Visitors will be welcome to discuss any aspect of the SGS services on offer for the renewable energy sector with SGS experts.

About SGS Renewable Energy Services

To protect wind energy project investments and assure the quality of wind farms, SGS Renewable Energy works as an independent global project surveyor carrying out inspection, testing, supervision, monitoring, management, verification and certification services for both onshore and offshore wind farm projects.

SGS Renewable Energy provides services including Risk Management, Design Verification, Site Assessment, Supply Chain Services, Technical Due Diligence, Wind Farm Project Certification and Wind Turbine Blade Testing. In particular, for each phase of a wind farm project, SGS Renewable Energy Competence Center offers a specially wide range of renewable energy services. SGS services are designed to minimize failure rates in operational renewable energy projects so as to improve the financial viability of the assets. Therefore, SGS services bring benefits not only to the project owners, but also to the financiers and the underwriters, all of whom have stakes in renewable energy projects.

SGS’ strength lies in its experienced staff who come with the requisite technical expertise. SGS has a wide range of clients, including project owners, financiers, underwriters, contractors, and turbine manufacturers. SGS renders its impartial inspection, verification, testing, and certification services with utmost confidentiality.



Source: sgs, December 10, 2010