Tony Trapp’s Company Takes on Turbine Access Chalange (UK)

Visitors to RenewableUK 2010 will hear at first hand from OSBIT Power Ltd (OP), about plans for a turbine access system that can operate in safety in higher sea states than any system currently available. OP is the newly established renewable energy engineering design, manufacture and supply company in the North East of England, (Stand 121).

“Safe, cost effective and efficient transfer between floating vessels and turbines is, quite rightly, something of a ‘holy grail’ for the offshore wind industry,” says Dr Tony Trapp, CEO of OP (founder and an original owner of IHC Engineering Business). “We are currently working with key customers within the offshore industry to design and provide such a system. By the end of November we will have built a test rig, which will be subjected to wave tank tests in mid-December and our system will be available by early summer 2011.

“This is no mean achievement – we launched just 17 weeks ago, and have won our first two major contracts: already lowering the cost of renewable energy by improving technology. Our working title of O-Power has now been developed to become OSBIT Power Limited (OP), which admirably describes our intentions – our projects will come in ‘On Specification, Budget and In Time’. In our purposely small company, projects dominate, subsidiarity rules, and the customer is the undoubted king. We have the energy, determination and persistence to ensure that OP will be highly successful.”

OP currently comprises a team of eight. Tony Trapp’s fellow founding directors and owners are Steve Bedford, COO, and Brendon Hayward, CTO. The company aims to expand to be a team of twelve by next spring and is always eager to hear from talented engineers who are determined to make a real difference in offshore renewable energy and share OP’s drive and enthusiasm. “OP will ensure that all staff contribute to our success, and share in the rewards created”.

With support from IHC Merwede (owners of IHC Engineering Business), OP has formidable capabilities and a passion about utilising the vast engineering resource of the North East of England to provide elegant cost effective solutions for its customers.

“UK plans and aspirations for offshore wind are ambitious and challenging. Experience has shown that there is still a great deal of technical progress required to improve the reliability and durability of current technology,” says Tony Trapp.

“The cost of installing offshore renewable energy infrastructure has risen inexorably over the past 10 years. Knowledge has accumulated and technology has developed to overcome problems and lower risk. Reducing cost is imperative if offshore wind is to become a major part of the energy mix in the UK and elsewhere. OP intends to contribute to the improvement of technology and the reduction in cost that is vital to the future of the offshore wind industry.”


Source: o-power, October 29, 2010