Negotiations regarding layoffs in Denmark completed

The negotiations following last week’s announcement of layoffs in Denmark have now been concluded. 154 employees in Vestas Nacelles and Vestas Blades are expected to be laid off.

Agreements for work sharing means that the number of employees to be laid off in Denmark will be approx. 154 rather than the 300 announced last week.

That is the result the negotiation committee between Vestas and employee representatives, completed on Tuesday.

The layoffs will be distributed as follows:

* Vestas Blades, Lem: approx. 55 production workers from a total of 1180 employees. (Layoffs to take place on August 31 and September 1.)

* Vestas Nacelles, Viborg: approx. 76 production workers from a total of 424 employees. (Layoffs to take place on August 26 and 27)

* Vestas Nacelles, Skagen: approx. 23 production workers from a total of 151 employees. (Layoffs to take place on August 26).

“The negotiation committee has worked efficiently and in a constructive manner, and I am pleased that we have now reached an agreement,” says President Roald Jakobsen, BU People & Culture.


As announced last week in connection with the quarterly results for Q2, the labour force in Denmark needs to be adjusted. This is due to the delayed order intake on some projects for delivery in second half of 2010.

Last week’s announcement estimated a total of 300 colleagues to be laid off, as well as the introduction of a work-sharing scheme to take effect at some factories.

On a global scale, Vestas expects to have almost 3,000 more employees at Vestas at the end of the year compared with 1 January 2010.


Source: vestas, August 27, 2010;