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Dutch offshore wind solutions provider Seawind has developed a novel 6.2MW two-bladed upwind turbine...

Length of article: 11 minutes read

SIEMENS WIND POWER: A Bird’s Eye View on the Scale of Offshore Wind Power

Events such as the EWEA OFFSHORE that took place in March, are providing excellent opportunities to ...

Length of article: 17 minutes read

ACCOMMODATION AT SEA – Comfort at sea for optimal workforce efficiency Part 1: Temporary Living Quarters

While crew transfer vessels have originally been the main source for transferring technicians and en...

Length of article: 16 minutes read
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Radac Wave Monitoring Radar

Fixed & Floating Wind Farms While more and more fixed offshore wind farms benefit from Radac Dir...

Posted: about 1 year ago
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Converting PSVs for Offshore Wind support – creating a pathway

By Liviu Galatanu, BD&I Director, GLO Marine The apparently long-term decline in oil prices has ...

Posted: about 1 year ago


Servicing around 2,200 wind turbines and 56 substations under fixed maintenance contracts, as well a...

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It was only 4 years ago at Seawork International 2011 that a completely new class of offshore wind f...

Length of article: 18 minutes read

REAL-TIME FEEDBACK ENABLES LEARNING ON THE JOB: How vessel display makes maintenance safer, faster and cost effective

Maintenance of offshore wind turbines is important and necessary. The faster a defect turbine is run...

Length of article: 11 minutes read
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VIDEO: Sif presents latest innovation ‘Skybox’

Sif Group, producer of large tubular structures presents their latest innovation: Skybox, all the fu...

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Posted: about 1 year ago


As the first anniversary of the creation of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind approaches the company looks ba...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

Maritime Holland: Royal Niestern Sander’s Walk-to-Work vessel best solution to the NAM challenge

When NAM/Shell UK decided to invest in a ‘Walk-to-Work’ (WTW) offshore vessel for use wi...

Length of article: 19 minutes read

Maritime Holland: Renewed Class of Energy

In our first edition of 2015 you could read all about the developments regarding renewable energy. O...

Length of article: 12 minutes read
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Tips for recruiting technical talent in offshore energy

The labor market is on lockdown since the start of the corona crisis, however the first signs of cha...

Posted: about 1 year ago

EFFECTS ON MARINE LIFE: Marine life has no borders

Since research into the impact of offshore wind farms on the marine life started more than 15 years ...

Length of article: 11 minutes read

EEMSHAVEN: Walk to work offshore Eemshaven

The port of Eemshaven, on the mouth of the Eems River estuary, is a vast area in the North East of t...

Length of article: 9 minutes read

Maritime Holland: Testing future foundations

There is a lot to write on the role of the Dutch industry concerning the development of offshore win...

Length of article: 9 minutes read

UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE (UXO): Unexploded ordnance does not go away

The threat of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in the marine environment never completely goes away. The ty...

Length of article: 12 minutes read

SUBSEA PROTECTION: Protection solutions against scouring

In the previous article we spoke about the importance of accurate wind measurement for an optimum wi...

Length of article: 11 minutes read