Davi and Sif Group: Pioneering the Future of Offshore Wind Foundations

In a completely new chapter for offshore wind foundations, Davi has joined forces with Sif Group in an ambitious project that recently achieved a notable milestone. The completion of the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) for four state-of-the-art, custom-designed Plate Rolls signifies a crucial step forward. These tests, conducted meticulously over recent weeks, were aimed at ensuring the machines’ capability to meet the stringent demands of wind energy production.

The partnership between Davi and Sif Group, highlighted by this achievement, sets the stage for the upcoming Installation, slated to begin early May 2024 and conclude with Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) in early Q3 of 2024. This collaboration shows the synergy between cutting-edge technology and profound industry expertise, marking a relevant advancement for offshore wind projects.

These four Plate Rolls are not merely significant due to their size but are imbued with pioneering technology that Davi exclusively offers in the Wind Energy Plate Rolls sector. This project’s progression, including the ahead-of-schedule completion of the FAT for the first two machines, underscores Davi’s commitment to excellence, timely delivery, and the ability to surpass project milestones in the ever-evolving wind energy landscape.

This collaboration between Davi and Sif Group illustrates a dedication to enhancing renewable energy infrastructure, proving that through innovation and precision, the future of wind energy is bright and boundless.

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