Powering Performances: Faccin Group’s Breakthrough Wind Rolling Solution Transforms CS Wind PT in Portugal

Written by: Diego Morbini – Faccin Wind Tower Division Manager

With only the first Faccin rolling line we were able to witness their excellent capabilities in meeting our challenges, this is why it was an easy choice to have FACCIN as our trusted partner once again,” CS WIND PT said. ”With the successful installation of this brand-new CNC controlled plate rolling line, we’ve seen an increases in capacity and also an enhanced optimization in the production planning.

The decision-making process that led to the purchase of a new second rolling line was based on overall satisfaction of the first line supplied in 2020. On that occasion, the gap between expectations and performances were surpassed. CS Wind has reaffirmed the same technical preferences for the installation of a new fully automatic CNC rolling line at their Portuguese production site. This cutting-edge technology will be utilized to manufacture high-quality offshore towers.

Image by Faccin Group

The project plays a vital role in CS Wind’s comprehensive development and investment strategy. These strategic investments are poised to revolutionize their production capacity, enabling them to triple their output. With exponential growth projected at an impressive rate of approximately 50% annually, CS Wind is confident in the remarkable opportunities that lie ahead.

”Our orders were booming, and we saw few options to optimize our production system. We were confident that thanks to Faccin’s experience the partnership would be synonymous with success,” explains CS Wind PT Management Team.   

With the strong rapport established over time, it was easier to analyze project specifications and focus on real production requirements. This resulted in a seamless decision-making process and swift execution of the new rolling line.

Faccin Plate Roll CS Wind PT
Image by Faccin Group

This new equipment has been meticulously designed and engineered entirely at Faccin’s factory in Visano (BS), Italy. Even in the face of a demanding timeline, the wind rolling system was flawlessly delivered, installed, and successfully put into operation without any delays.

”Commissioning and installation also have occurred according to a tight schedule and FACCIN engineers ensure to involve CS Wind PT operators and maintenance team for the purpose of training to guarantee excellent performances,” added CS Wind PT Management Team.

”Four years ago, we successfully delivered our first supply to CS Wind PT in Portugal, it was an immense pride to be commissioned a second unit, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for automatic rolling of cans and cones. In the highly competitive wind market, we perfectly understand our customers’ needs to optimize cycle time and maximize productivity. By making the decision to invest once again, CS Wind PT reaffirms its trust in technological advancements and the reliability of our entire organization,” comments Faccin Group. 

The Faccin Wind Tower Automation System sets a new standard in efficiency and convenience.  This innovative package is seamlessly integrated with the plate rolling machine, to handle the fully automatic rolling line even the thickest sheets and extra-large diameters.

”We did achieve our goals and we would like to continue cooperation with Faccin for the development of production plants for towers with larger diameters and weights,” confirmed CS Wind PT Management Team.

”We greatly appreciate the ongoing dedication to fostering clear and effective communication, which has played a vital role in our shared achievements. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our esteemed Portuguese partner NDC-Nicolau da Costa Engenharia for providing unwavering support throughout the entire operation. Their utmost professionalism, from the initial stages to the SAT processing, has truly enhanced the existing synergy between our organizations,” concluded Faccin Group.

The FACCIN Group

The FACCIN Group is a leading manufacturer of the most advanced fully automatic plate rolls, angle rolls, dished head production lines and special machines for rolling, bending, and forming metal sheets, profiles, and heads.

With an impressive track record of thousands units installed worldwide, and three of the most recognized brands in the metal forming industry – FACCIN®, BOLDRINI® and ROUNDO® – the group caters for essential industries, particularly the thriving wind sector.

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