DNV to Assess 20 Wind Areas Offshore Norway

DNV has been selected by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) to carry out a strategic impact assessment of 20 new areas for offshore wind development.

The 20 areas were identified by a group of Norwegian directorates led by NVE in April 2023.

Identifying the 20 new areas, which are said to be technically suitable for offshore wind and have relatively few conflicts of interest, is part of the Norwegian authorities’ work towards having 30 GW of offshore wind in operation by 2040.

The areas are located along the entire Norwegian coast, from Skagerak in the south to the Barents Sea in the north.

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As part of the process to identify potential development areas suitable for 30 GW offshore wind in Norway, DNV has been selected by NVE to conduct a strategic impact assessment for 20 specific locations.

The organisation’s assessment is said to shed light on important vectors regarding the pollution potential of offshore wind development (including value and supply chain), emissions to air and seas, as well as potential differences in various geographical locations, including waste generation and the overall sustainability and circularity potential of offshore wind development.

A team from DNV’s Environmental Risk section, led by Eirik Færøy Sæbø, will conduct the assessment.

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In April 2023, Norwegian Offshore Wind, together with Equinor, Source Galileo, Hafslund and Deep Wind Offshore, commissioned an analysis into potential additional offshore wind areas in Norway.

The published analysis, performed by Multiconsult, also identified areas along the Norwegian coast that could accommodate up to 338 of offshore wind, most of this being floating wind.


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