Concession Sought for New 540 MW Floating Wind Farm in Italy

An Italy-registered company SCS 27 Srl has requested a 40-year concession from the Italian authorities for a floating offshore wind farm in the Ionian Sea.

Currently in public consultation at the Port Authority of Gallipoli, the floating wind farm is proposed to be built approximately 20 kilometres off the coast south-west of the municipality of Morciano of Leuca, in an area with a water depth of between 150 and 600 metres.

The wind farm, named Ulisse 2, is planned to have 36 wind turbines, each with a 15 MW capacity, and a floating offshore substation.

From the substation, two sets of 220 kV subsea export cables are planned to be installed with a landing point near the municipality of Morciano di Leuca.

The project is among many that have been proposed to be located in the Ionian Sea, the home of Italy’s first offshore wind farm that is up and running off Taranto.

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Just earlier this month, Renantis and BlueFloat Energy said they submitted the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the 1.3 GW Odra Energia floating wind project, for which they were granted a concession in 2022.

The Odra Energia wind farm will be built in the Ionian Sea, between 12 kilometres and 24 kilometres off the south-eastern coast of the Puglia Region.


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