Denmark Unsuspends Further Four Open-Door Offshore Wind Projects

The Danish Energy Agency has resumed the assessment of the Jammerland Bugt, Lillebælt South, Omø South, and Nordre Flint offshore wind farms which are part of the recently paused open-door tendering scheme.

Danish Energy Agency

In February, the Danish Energy Agency suspended the processing of 33 open-door offshore wind projects until further clarification of EU law issues.

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The Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Utilities has, in dialogue with the State Aid Secretariat, assessed that the pre-investigation permits issued by the Danish Energy Agency in the period of 2014-2019 for the Jammerland Bugt Offshore Wind Farm, Lillebælt South Offshore Wind Farm, Omø South Offshore Wind Farm, and Nordre Flint Offshore Wind Farm are not in breach of EU law.

Therefore, the project’s possible future establishment permits and electricity production permits will not be in breach of EU law either, said the Danish Energy Agency.

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The Danish Energy Agency has therefore resumed the processing of the four projects.

The agency recently unsuspended two projects, namely the Aflandshage and the Frederikshavn, and also added it will assess the other projects under the open-door scheme as soon as possible.

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Omø South and Jammerland Bugt offshore wind farms are being developed by European Energy and are planned to have a total capacity of 560 MW.

Lillebælt Vind, the project development company established by Sønderborg Forsyning, plans to build the Lillebælt South nearshore wind farm between the islands of Als and Funen (Fyn), together with European Energy.

The wind farm will have a capacity of up to 160 MW, with the turbines that come closest to land to be installed at least 4 kilometres off the coast.

The 160 MW Nordre Flint wind farm, being developed by HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility), is proposed to be built some 10 kilometres from the south point of Amager.

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