Finland to Lease Sea Area for Offshore Wind Extension Project

Finnish state-owned enterprise Metsähallitus will lease the public area off the coast of Pori Tahkoluoto to Suomen Hyötytuuli for offshore wind power production.

Image source: Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy

The agreement is the first long-running access right contract for public water area designated for wind power production.

The project could have a capacity of over 600 MW and is an extension to Finland’s first offshore wind farm, the 44.3 MW Tahkoluoto.

Piloted in 2010 and fully operational since 2017, Tahkoluoto is also the world’s first offshore wind farm in frozen sea conditions.

Suomen Hyötytuuli is now developing an extension wind farm northeast of Tahkoluoto. The land use plan was approved in December 2022 and allows for 40 wind turbines with an individual capacity of over 15 MW.

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After signing the access right contract, the project continues with water and building permitting, technical design, and the preparations for an investment decision.

The extension project is estimated to be completed in 2027 when it is expected to produce approximately 2,000 gigawatt hours for over 30 years.

“Constructing and operating offshore wind farms has a positive impact on local economy and business through purchases needed for the investment. Furthermore, the wind farms built in public water areas bring a significant income to local municipalities in the form of property taxes”, said Juha S Niemelä, Director General of Metsähallitus.


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