China’s Largest Zero-Subsidy Offshore Wind Farm Now Up and Running

China General Nuclear (CGN) Power Corporation has now connected its entire 900 MW Shanwei Jiazi offshore wind project to the Chinese grid.


The project, which reaches a total of 1.4 GW of installed capacity together with CGN’s operational Shanwei Houhu wind farm, is the country’s largest unsubsidised offshore wind farm, according to Chinese media.

The final wind turbine at the 400 MW Shanwei Jiazi II offshore wind farm was connected to the grid on 20 December, about a month after all the wind turbines at the 500 MW Shanwei Jiazi I were hooked to the national transmission system.

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The final wind turbine at the 500 MW Shanwei Houhu went into operation in December last year.

Back in 2019, Mingyang Smart Energy said it had received an order from CGN to manufacture and deliver offshore wind turbines for a combined capacity of around 1,403MW.

The units were said to have been ordered for CGN’s Shanwei Houhu, Shanwei Jiazi I, and Shanwei Jiazi II wind farms off the Guangdong Province.


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