VIDEO: Future Proof Conference at OEEC2022

During the session ‘Future Proof’ industry experts from the offshore energy sector share their visions on the market and the future. Topics like cyber security, a sustainable implementation of hydrogen and nature enhancement and sustainable business decisions for the supply chain on the table.

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Marjolein Kelder, Senior Project Manager The Rich North Sea
“With our programme The Rich North Sea we want to seize the unique opportunity which offshore wind farms offer to enhance nature in the North Sea. We are helping our planet in two ways: renewable energy generation to stop climate change, and nature development for more biodiversity in the North Sea.”

Sharon Becker, Director of Hydrogen Valleys Impact Hydrogen

“Green hydrogen is a game changer in the energy transition as it opens up new opportunities for storage and transport of renewable electricity, and for decarbonisation of heavy industry, and mobility. This new economy can set new standards for the energy sector, in terms of equality and sustainability.”

John Hoksbergen, Managing Consultant Applied Risk, a DNV company

“The energy sector is now among the most-attacked industries in the world. The industry’s critical infrastructure is increasingly at risk from attack as cyber criminals gain greater access, and control of, industrial control systems at a time of growing geopolitical instability. In this presentation I discusses what’s driving the emergent cyber threat to the energy sector and outline cyber criminals’ tactics of choice and recommended measures to mitigate risks.”