Source Energie Plans Another Gigawatt-Scale Floating Wind-to-Hydrogen Project in UK

Source Energie has unveiled plans for a second gigawatt-scale floating wind project in the Celtic Sea that would produce large-scale low-carbon green hydrogen offshore and transport the gas back to shore via a dedicated pipeline.

ERM Dolphyn

This move comes after the company announced that it joined forces with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to use its ERM Dolphyn technology to develop a 300 MW floating wind-to-hydrogen project, called Dylan, in the Celtic Sea by 2028, with a GW expansion expected to follow in the 2030s.

ERM Dolphyn combines electrolysis, desalination, and hydrogen production on a floating wind platform.

The technology produces hydrogen from seawater or wind, with the gas being transported to shore via pipeline where it can be used for power generation, transport, industrial use, and heating.

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Source Energie has now unveiled a separate gigawatt-scale offshore wind farm located to the south of Dylan, named Myrddin, that would be developed in a similar phased approach, also potentially using ERM Dolphyn technology.

Source: Source Energie

In July, the Crown Estate identified five “Areas of Search” for the development of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea to be tendered in the 2023 auction, with the aim of delivering 4 GW of renewable energy by 2035.

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Source Energie said that Dylan and Myrddin development areas are aligned between the Crown Estate’s search areas one and three, confirming that the locations offer good energy generating conditions.

“Offshore wind is now more important than ever and Source Energie is excited to see the plans in the Celtic Sea become more tangible with The Crown Estate announcing the key target areas for large scale floating wind projects”, said Kevin Lynch, CEO of Source Energie.

“The Celtic Sea is a strategic location for power generation with optimal conditions for floating offshore wind projects. We look forward to working with all the relevant stakeholders to take our plans forward”.

Dolphyn’s electrolysis technology is also planned for the Salamander floating wind project on the Scottish coast being developed by a joint venture between Simply Blue Group, Ørsted, and Subsea 7. 

“The Dylan and Myrddin projects being advanced by Source Energie will enable Dolphyn to take a world leading position in offshore low carbon hydrogen production, helping the UK to achieve its net zero ambitions, whilst also improving its energy security”, said Steve Matthews, Director for ERM Dolphyn.

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