Njord Offshore and FRS Windcat Win Baltic 1 and 2 CTV Contracts

EnBW has selected Njord Offshore and FRS Windcat Offshore Logistics to provide crew transfer vessels (CTVs) that will operate on the Baltic 1 and the Baltic 2 offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea.

Illustration; EnBW Baltic 2 offshore wind farm; Photo: EnBW (archive)

Njord Offshore will provide two 12-PAX CTVs for each of the wind farms, and FRS Windcat will supply one 18-PAX CTV which will operate on the Baltic 2 wind farm.

The charters started on Wednesday, 1 June, and will run until the end of March 2024 for the 18-PAX CTV, and until the end of September 2023 for the 12-PAX CTVs. The contracts also have two-year extension options.

The Baltic 1 CTV is operating from the Port of Barhöft in Germany, and the Baltic 2 vessels are operating from the Danish port of Klintholm on the island of Møn which serves as the O&M base for the wind farm.

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Located in German territorial waters with depths ranging from 23 to 44 metres, the 288 MW Baltic 2 wind farm is about 40 kilometres east of Møns Klint, close to the meeting point of the Danish, Swedish and German maritime borders.

The Baltic 2 wind farm’s 80 Siemens SWT-3.6-120 wind turbines have been supplying some 340,000 households with renewable electricity since 2015.

Baltic 1 is Germany’s first commercial offshore wind farm. Inaugurated in May 2011, the 48.3 MW wind farm comprises 21 Siemens SWT-2.3-93 turbines installed some 15 kilometres north of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula. The wind farm’s CTV would be based at the port of Barhöft.

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