DHSS Teams Up with Marine Coordination Services to Support Offshore Wind Projects

The Netherlands-based Marine Coordination Services (MCS) and DHSS have joined forces to provide support for the operators working in the offshore wind industry.

According to MCS, the company serves as a link between the planning and the execution of offshore activities.

The company’s maritime control centre acts as a planning and coordination room for carrying out offshore activities such as the construction of a wind farm or cable laying in the seabed.

From there, MCS manages all operational activities in a safe and efficient way.

“Beside our brand new main control room at Terschelling with our latest IT solutions, MCS has now presence at A1 locations in Eemshaven, IJmuiden and Den Helder. We also team up with the helicopter coordination team of DHSS, which is developing on a global scale rapidly, so we have full coverage,” said Jens Doeksen, Director of MCS.

Doeksen pointed out that by teaming up with DHSS, the company is able to execute helicopter and marine coordination services worldwide for its offshore wind clients.

“‘Adding marine coordination to our current helicopter coordination services completes the full scope of work we aim to deliver to our clients to unburden them. This activity is the added value to our current operations as vessel agency, port logistics and helicopter operations which DHSS is providing. With MCS on board, we have found a well-established collaborating partner, ensuring that the onsite marine operations of our clients are performed safely and efficiently, 24/7 – by air and vessel,” said Wim Schouwenaar, CEO of DHSS.

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Photo: DHSS