The Netherlands Designates Areas for 10.7 GW of New Offshore Wind

The Dutch government has designated three new areas and has confirmed two previously designated areas in the North Sea for the development of offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 10.7 GW.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

With the new areas, the Netherlands is doubling the total planned capacity for offshore wind energy to around 21 GW by 2030.

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The areas, part of the North Sea Programme, are located to the north and northwest of the Netherlands.

The three new wind energy areas have been given the following names: Nederwiek, Lagelander, Doordewind. The other two reconfirmed areas are the northern part of IJmuiden Ver and the southern part of Hollandse Kust (west).

Source: The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

The government will decide this summer exactly where the wind farms will be located within the designated areas as part of the Roadmap 2030+.

”By 2030, we want to extract 21 GW from offshore wind energy, making offshore wind energy our largest source of electricity by 2030,” the Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy Rob Jetten said.

‘When designating the wind energy areas, careful consideration was given to the other interests in the North Sea, such as shipping, fisheries, nature and defence.”

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The government proposes to use the Climate Fund to the tune of up to EUR 1.69 billion to pay for part of the expenditure. This includes the expenses related to shipping safety, making the fishing industry more sustainable and adapting, and strengthening and protecting the North Sea ecosystem.

It also includes the expenses related to the spatial integration of the power connection on land. The procedures for these connections have already been started, or will start shortly, the government said.

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