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BREAKING: Mitsubishi Only Winner in Japanese Offshore Wind Auction, GE Turbines for All Sites

Consortia in which Mitsubishi Corporation is the main stakeholder have been selected to develop all of the projects offered in Japan’s first fixed-bottom offshore wind auction.

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The Mitsubishi-led consortia have been selected to build an 819 MW Yurihonjo wind farm offshore Akita Prefecture, a 478.8 MW Noshiro Mitane Oga project, also off Akita Prefecture, and a 390.6 MW Choshi project off Chiba Prefecture.

All three projects will feature GE Haliade-X wind turbines with an individual capacity of 12.6 MW.

GE will manufacture and deliver a total of 134 units for the three projects. The combined capacity of the three projects is around 1.7 GW.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) said that five bidders competed to develop the Yurihonjo project, five to develop Noshiro Mitane Oga, and two to develop Choshi.

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The Yurihonjo offshore wind farm will comprise 65 wind turbines scheduled to be fully commissioned by December 2030. The consortium behind the project comprises Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions Ltd., Venti Japan Inc., C-Tech Corporation, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

The strike price for this project is JPY 11,990 per MWh (EUR 92.6 per MWh).

The Noshiro Mitane Oga will feature 38 wind turbines slated for full commissioning in December 2028. The consortium behind this project consists of Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions Ltd., C-Tech Corporation, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

The project will deliver electricity at a strike price of JPY 13,260 per MWh (EUR 102 per MWh).

31 GE Haliade-X wind turbine will be installed at the Choshi wind farm, with the full commissioning expected in September 2028. Mitsubishi Corporation Energy Solutions Ltd., C-Tech Corporation, and Mitsubishi Corporation are jointly developing this project.

The strike price for Choshi is JPY 16,490 per MWh (EUR 127.35 per MWh).

The consortium is partnering with companies including, Inc., NTT Anode Energy Corporation and Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, on regional promotion strategis for all three projects and has already made concrete proposals under its exclusive public occupancy plans.

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