FACCIN delivers a Tailored Rolling System to CS WIND MALAYSIA

“Our strategic decision to invest in the new Faccin plate rolling system, is in line with our growing plan that guarantees the realization of our current and future production objectives. Its rolling automation system, so easy to use, allows us to reach our desired rolling capacity in a very short time thus obtaining a fast production cycle and a very high-quality product”, CS WIND Malaysia

“The installation of this new specifically dedicated plate rolling line guarantees the desired capacity”

Before starting with the project, CS Wind Malaysia performed several capacity calculations to evaluate new production methods and setups to achieve the desired capacity in a production area dedicated to the rolling of cans for wind tower composition. CS Wind Malaysia then chose Faccin Group as its supplier because of its powerful automatic rolling system which solved the challenges posed by the company, with the addition of reduced production times.

“We were confident Faccin was up to the challenge considering their engineers had a clear understanding and thorough knowledge of wind tower manufacturing,” explains CS Wind Malaysia Management Team

CS Wind Malaysia looked for a reliable partner who could address their needs and deliver innovative quality and easy to use solutions.

“It is always vital that operators are well trained by the supplier and have confidence in the equipment so that they can focus on the quality and integrity of the end product” added CS Wind Malaysia Management Team

An automatic rolling line was requested based on the technical specifications of the company’s onshore and offshore tower sections manufacturing requirements and Faccin provided dedicated solutions capable of adapting to all phases of the rolling cycle, starting from the plate feeding phase into the machine up to the precise alignment of the edges so as to proceed quickly with the subsequent production operations, without forgetting the fundamental requirements related to safety regulations. This rolling line was designed and built entirely in the Faccin factory in Visano (BS), Italy”.

Thanks to the high level of professionalism and commitment of the entire CS Wind Malaysia team, we were able to design and deliver a tailored product for this significant project.

“Regular meetings and progress reports ensured that all interfaces, specifications, and requirements were guaranteed and fulfilled. This exclusive collaboration has been rich in content and above all fully satisfying as we have solved all the challenges with the implementation of dedicated solutions to ensure maximum productivity of CS Wind Malaysia”, says Diego Morbini, Technical Sales Manager and part of Faccin WT division.     

The installation process was easier than expected

The installation at CS Wind Malaysia facilities was very efficient. “The commissioning, start-up and training process was simpler than expected, considering the difficult situation due to the global pandemic.” During the installation, Faccin’s technical team made sure the operators and CS Wind maintenance technicians were all involved, to train them on how to thoroughly service and maintain the equipment to ensure optimal performance. “The Faccin team showed prompt and professional support on site and effective support from the Italian headquarters, therefore it all worked out really well, ” confirmed CS WIND Malaysia Management Team

Cooperation with the Italian supplier   

It is the first time that CS Wind collaborates with the Faccin Group for the supply of a plate rolling line.

“We had an excellent collaboration. Faccin delivered the equipment on time even when we had a very tight schedule and provided a team that had the right level of experience for the installation, training, and commissioning, thus guaranteeing all the requirements of this project. Based on these positive results, we would like to continue the collaboration with Faccin for the development of production plants for towers of greater diameters and weights”, concludes the Management Team of the company

The company

Faccin, a brand of the Faccin Group, is proud of producing machines that contribute to the green energy production and believes in the future of the industry. Throughout its Wind Division, experienced engineers ensure a smooth interface with the different areas of the company with the aim of creating technologically advanced solutions for manufacturers of wind towers, wind foundations, wind tower flanges and wind tower door frames.

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