Surveys Underway at Dogger Bank Wind Farm Cable Locations

The Fugro Synergy survey vessel is currently conducting a geotechnical survey in the Dogger Bank C array area and export cable route, while the vessel Wind of Pride is performing inspection works in the Dogger Bank A array area and the export cable routes for Dogger Bank A & B.

According to the latest update from the project, Fugro Synergy will be performing the geotechnical survey work until 30 June, during which it will be deploying downhole drilling equipment.

Wind of Pride will be working at the Dogger Bank A array area and the export cable routes for Dogger Bank A & B until 15 July, where it will investigate previously identified potential unexploded ordnance (UXO) and potential archaeological contacts. The vessel will also conduct ROV inspection of seafloor infrastructure along the export cable routes.

Dogger Bank is being built in three equal phases of 1.2 GW each and, once commissioned, will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

The first two phases, Dogger Bank A & B – a joint venture between Equinor, SSE Renewables, and Eni – are scheduled to be operational by 2024. The third phase, Dogger Bank C, owned by Equinor and SSE Renewable, is being developed on a different timescale with the operation date set for 2026.

The inter-array cables for the first two phases will be delivered by Hellenic Cables under a contract with DEME Offshore.

According to earlier information on the project, the export cables for Dogger Bank A & B will be supplied by NKT.

Photo: Wind of Pride; Photo: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs