RES Lands Moray East Control Centre Contract

RES has won a contract to provide control point, balancing, and asset monitoring services during commissioning and early operations at the 950 MW Moray East wind farm offshore Scotland.

RES’ 24/7/365 Control Centre, based in Glasgow, will work as the interface between Moray East and National Grid to support the energisation of 100 turbines at the offshore wind farm.

RES will also act as the eyes and ears of the wind farm during early operations to monitor the performance of the project and escalate faults if they occur.

The contract to support the HV commissioning requires RES’ Control Centre to react 24/7 to requests from National Grid and relay instructions directly to Operations Engineers working on the project. Using live data from the wind farm RES’ Operational Controllers will also monitor the asset during early operations and use their knowledge and skills to escalate faults, helping to promptly bring turbines back online.

RES’ Control Centre will also provide control point services under the balancing mechanism for Moray East, where the first turbine was installed in January.

”As Scotland’s largest infrastructure project under construction we are investing significantly in the local and national economy to support the Green Economic Recovery by providing low cost electricity,” Marcel Sunier, Project Director, Moray East Offshore Wind Farm, said.

”The continuous monitoring and 365/24/7 readiness to highlight any issues are a key element to secure power generation and this latest contract underlines our commitment to utilising competent Scottish and UK companies where we can.”

20 of the wind farm’s 100 Vestas 9.5 MW turbines have been installed at the site some 22 kilometres off the Aberdeenshire coast, according to the project’s latest Notice of Operations.

Full commissioning is scheduled for 2022.