TSG Marine, JK Lifting Equipment Working on GMS Endeavour

TSG Marine and JK Lifting Equipment have joined forces to carry out testing and maintenance work on Gulf Marine Services’ vessel GMS Endeavour at Port of Blyth.

The jack-up vessel, which supports offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance, was berthed at Port of Blyth for its five-year survey, which included a full maintenance check, involving the testing of the vessel’s two cranes.

Three 110-tonne water weights were suspended from GMS Endeavour‘s Huisman crane and gradually filled with water over 24 hours, reaching a total weight of 253 tonnes. The vessel’s Pellegrine crane, which has a 15-tonne safe working load, was also tested.

Once the survey and maintenance were complete, GMS Endeavour was deployed on the Moray East offshore wind project to support the commissioning of the offshore transformer platforms.

“This is the first time we have worked with the team at TSG Marine and the crane test was incredibly technical due to the size of the load it had to bear”, James Bright, managing director at JK Lifting. “Working with the team at TSG Marine, it was clear they share a similar approach to ourselves in terms of delivering excellence and added-value for customers at every step, through in-depth industry knowledge, technical skill and cutting-edge innovation”.

Photo: TSG Marine;(L-R) James Bright, Managing Director of JK Lifting Equipment, Erika Leadbeater, Managing Director of TSG Marine, and Kevin Vyse, Senior Operations Manager at the Port of Blyth