Triumph Opts For UK-Made Wind Farm Vessels

Triumph Subsea Services has issued a Letter of Intent to InfraStrata plc for one firm and one optional Windfarm Development Vessel (WDV).

Under the terms of the LoI, InfraStrata’s fully owned subsidiary, Harland & Wolff (Belfast) Limited, would be responsible for the build, assembly, and delivery of the WDVs to Triumph.

The vessels will be of the ST-269 design, with a length of 200 metres and a beam of 35 metres.

The WDVs will come equipped with diesel-electric hybrid engines that will eventually transition into hydrogen fuel cells.

As multi-purpose vessels, the WDVs will not only be utilised for fixed and floating wind farm installations, but will also be capable of subsea cable laying and providing marine services for offshore carbon capture and green hydrogen projects, InfraStrata said.

The vessels are expected to be fabricated with local content from a UK supply chain and will be principally utilised for projects in all nations within the United Kingdom.

The next steps towards a binding contract will involve analysis of the detailed design packages, agreement of timelines and milestones from fabrication to delivery, and, finally, placing of the necessary financing structures by Triumph and its partners with Harland & Wolff.

Once contracted, each vessel would be expected to generate revenues for Harland & Wolff of between GBP 340 million and GBP 360 million over the 24-30 month period of fabrication, followed by additional revenues if further through-life support contracts are secured.

Triumph and InfraStrata intend on executing a contract to build the vessels by the end of June 2021.

“Should this project proceed to contract, it will provide a sound base for Harland & Wolff to demonstrate its capacity and capability to deliver cutting-edge vessels, whilst retaining sufficient spare capacity for other projects across both yards,” John Wood, InfraStrata’s Chief Executive Officer, said.

”These vessels would be at the forefront of the latest technological innovations for the marine industry and we are very excited to be a critical part of this hugely important part of the economy that we believe is set to grow exponentially in the months and years to come.”

Photo: NOV/Triumph Subsea Services