Energinet Picks EOLOS FLiDAR for Hesselø Wind Farm

Danish transmission system operator Energinet has selected EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions SL to deploy a floating LiDAR buoy in the Hesselø offshore wind farm area.

EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions / Illustration

The floating LiDAR buoy will measure twelve months of wind speed and direction at the site located in Kattegatt more than 30 kilometers north of the coast of Zealand (Sealand).

Also, oceanographic data will be measured in the same location, either by the same Floating LiDAR system or by another measuring system, Energinet said.

A third-party technical note on the expected validity, reliability, and bankability of the measurement data will be delivered together with the measurement data.

The contract has an option to be extended beyond the initial twelve months.

Hesselø is the second of the three offshore wind farms proposed in Denmark’s Energy Agreement 2018, the first being the Thor project.

Both projects will be commissioned in 2027. Denmark plans to start the tendering procedure for the development of Hesselø in 2021, and select the winner in 2022.

The wind farm will have an installed capacity of between 800 MW and 1,200 MW.