TenneT Looking for Cable Fault Location Team

TenneT has invited tenders for services related to cable repair and maintenance in both Germany and the Netherlands, which include locating cable faults.

For illustrative purpose only; Photo source: ABB (archive)

The services will be delivered across several grid connections and interconnectors.

The transmission system operator (TSO) is looking to conclude a contract for a service-level agreement with a provider of cable fault location services, with defined reaction times in cases of cable failures on the grid connection systems of the purchaser in the North of Germany and in Eemshaven / Maasvlakte in the Netherlands, as well as in the German and the Dutch part of the North Sea.

The service-level agreement for cable fault location will be concluded for grid connection systems and interconnectors including Alpha Ventus, Riffgat, Nordergründe, BorWin1, BorWin2, BorWin3, BorWin5, DolWin1, DolWin2, DolWin3, DolWin5, DolWin6, HelWin1, HelWin2, SylWin1, COBRAcable and BritNed.

In the event of a cable failure and activation of the service-level agreement for cable fault location, the contractor is responsible for the complete implementation of cable fault location on the energy and fiber optic transmission systems. This includes rough predetermination of the fault location, locating the cable along the respective route and final determination (post-detection) of the fault location with the technical best possible accuracy.

For this purpose, the contractor must be able to perform its work in all environments and areas along the respective cable route (onshore, nearshore, offshore), TenneT detailed in the tender invitation.

The contractor will provide and operate the necessary resources and equipment in full. The necessary equipment to provide cable fault location services on the energy transmission systems include DC cable systems (with rated voltages of up to ±320 kV and up to 80 kilometres in length) and AC cable systems (with rated voltages of up to 155 kV and up to 80 kilometres in length).

The deadline to apply for the tender is 30 November.

The contract signed under this tender will enter into effect on 18 March 2021 and will expire on 31 December 2022, with TenneT reserving the option to renew the contract twice for two years.