Triton Knoll Moving Into Turbine Installation Phase

Triton Knoll Moving Into Turbine Installation Phase

The first turbine components for the Triton Knoll wind farm are expected to arrive at MHI Vestas’ logistics and pre-assembly hub in the Able Seaton Port in Hartlepool next month.

Able UK

MHI Vestas has now moved in to Able Seaton Port in preparation to start installing 90 of its V164-9.5 MW turbines at the site 32 kilometers off the Lincolnshire coast in the first quarter of 2021.

Turbine tower sections, blades, and nacelles will be marshalled and pre-assembled at Able Seaton Port, before being loaded onto vessels for transport to the wind farm.

Work is well underway to prepare the site to service the project. As part of the preparatory works, Able is set to complete further dredging activity to provide the depth of water of 13.5 metres required by the vessels.

Triton Knoll Moving Into Turbine Installation Phase
Source: Able UK

MHI Vestas has also begun preparing the site for the impending arrival of turbine components, prioritising UK companies in the delivery of the project. As a result, ASP now hosts technicians on-site from local suppliers, including Global Wind Service (GWS), Dawson, and Boston Energy, as well as MHI Vestas employees. The main crane and Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) to be used at ASP for moving turbine components will be supplied by Weldex, based out of Alfreton, UK.

“MHI Vestas’ commitment to the UK is demonstrated by the local benefits we have prioritised for the Triton Knoll project,” said MHI Vestas VP and UK Country Manager, Julian Brown.

“Able UK’s close collaboration with MHI Vestas to prepare the ASP site for Triton Knoll has made it an easy choice to use this top-class facility. The site covers approximately 140,000 square metres with heavy duty deep water quays, a vital pre-requisite for a project the scale of Triton Knoll.”

The 857 MW Triton Knoll wind farm is being built by RWE Renewables in partnership with J-Power and Kansai Electric Power, and is RWE’s largest offshore project under construction.

“At Triton knoll we are committed to ensuring that our investments from this flagship project benefit local coastal communities, and the UK’s expanding offshore supply chain as much as possible,” Julian Garnsey, Project Director for Triton Knoll and RWE Renewables, said.

“As part of that commitment we have made a significant investment to establish wind turbine handling facilities for the first time at Able Seaton Port. This places the North East of England at the heart of the delivery of Triton Knoll, and leaves a legacy for future offshore wind farm projects to be constructed from the region.”