Ørsted to Use BareFLEET System to Track CTV Ops

Ørsted will use Reygar’s BareFLEET remote monitoring and reporting platform to track and analyse the performance of its chartered fleet of offshore wind crew transfer vessels (CTVs) in Europe.

The system will log vessel motion, fuel consumption, and PAX movements, providing an accurate record of events, including transit, push on, transfer, and crane lifts, according to Reygar. This will allow for all operational activity to be assessed for improvement or enhancement.

The system will gather data from the existing sensors onboard the CTVs and supplement it by data from motion sensor measurements, observations added manually by the Captain and video of transfers.

“By monitoring and acting on data-based insights into motion, fuel consumption, and skipper logged activity, Ørsted will be able to maximise ‘time on turbine’ – whether this is part of the course of operations and maintenance or during construction phases”, said Chris Huxley-Reynard, Managing Director at Reygar.

Vessel performance and safety data will be accessible through a cloud-based BareFLEET portal and daily reporting systems, with access to raw data enabled for independent analysis by Ørsted’s team, according to Reygar.

Photo: MHO-Co/Illustration (MHO-Co will deliver two cCTVs with hybrid propulsion for Ørsted's Hornsea Project Two OWF.)

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