Greenalia Joins World Forum Offshore Wind

Spanish company Greenalia, which recently submitted a planning application for a floating wind farm off the island of Gran Canaria, has joined World Forum Offshore Wind.

“For Greenalia, joining this forum is an excellent opportunity to grow its network of companies and professionals within the sector that hold valuable expertise and know-how on offshore wind projects”, the company stated.

Greenalia has also joined the Executive Board of Spanish Renewable Energy Corporations Association’s Wind Group, where a new Offshore Wind Group has been created.

As reported earlier, Greenalia submitted project and environmental documentation for a 50 MW floating wind project off the Gran Canaria Island, in waters off the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and close to the port of Arinaga. 

The wind farm, named Parque Eólico Gofio, will comprise four 12.5 MW wind turbines on floating foundations and produce enough electricity to meet the demand of approximately 70,000 households.

Photo: Greenalia