A photo of a WindFloat Atlantic floating turbine

Termination and Testing of WindFloat Atlantic Cables Completed

The termination and testing of the export and array cables at the Windfloat Atlantic project has been completed, JDR Cable Systems said via social media.

Illustration; Photo source: JDR Cables (WindFloat Atlantic)

The third and final floating wind turbine was towed to the project site at the end of May, with connection to mooring and electrical lines then left to be carried out.

The first WindFloat Atlantic turbine was installed in October 2019 and connected to the grid at the end of 2019, when it began generating power. The second unit was installed in January.

The three floating structures, installed off the coast of Viana de Castelo, Northern Portugal, form the first floating wind farm in continental Europe.

Comprising MHI Vestas 8.4 MW turbines on Principle Power’s semi-submersible foundations, WindFloat Atlantic also marks the installation of the largest wind turbines ever on floating structures.

Once fully operational, the 25 MW floating wind farm will be able to produce enough electricity to supply the equivalent of 60,000 users each year.