TenneT Searching for Helicopter Hoisting Squad

TenneT has issued a tender seeking a provider of helicopter hoisting services for the maintenance of offshore grid connection systems in the Netherlands and Germany.

In the Netherlands, the contractor will be in charge of providing helicopter hoisting operations (HHO) especially for unscheduled deployments, as well as making call-off orders for ordering training and education measures for personnel.

The selected company will be responsible for performing HHO in the German North Sea only in case the HVDC platforms in operation cannot be reached via the regular access systems.

Furthermore, the provider will also be used to transport small amounts of cargo including dangerous goods and waste.

Helicopter pilots will work in cooperation with the Marine Operation Center (MOC) or the installation unit/offshore installation manager (OIM) and will transfer personnel mainly from designated airports to the offshore platforms or installation units.

The contract is set to begin on 1 October this year and end on 31 December 2022. It can be unilaterally extended twice for one year at a time.

The deadline for submitting applications for the tender is 13 July by 11:00 local time.

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