4Subsea Studying Digital Twin Cost-Reduction Potential in Offshore Wind

4Subsea has installed retrofit sensors on the Unitech Zefyros floating offshore wind turbine in Norway, with an aim to analyze cost reduction potential with a digital twin.

The goal of the project is to prove significant cost reduction potential in offshore wind by using a digital twin of the substructure to measure actual loads and fatigue on the turbine, 4Subsea said.

A few hours after mobilization on 20 April, the autonomous sensors started streaming motion and load data to 4insight.io from the Unitech Zefyros turbine.

The sensor package combines a six-axis IMU and four strain sensors for monitoring of turbine towers and substructures.

Sensor data will be combined with weather information and other data sources.

To remind, in 2009 Equinor invested in the research, development, and installation of the turbine then named Hywind Demo. The year later, the unit was set into operation.

Last year, Unitech Offshore took over the floating wind turbine and announced it will be used as an infrastructure for research and technology projects in Metcentre at Karmøy.