ScotWind Leasing Documentation Ready

Crown Estate Scotland has wrapped up the preparation of ScotWind leasing documentation. The authority is now working with the Scottish Government to finalise and formally launch the ScotWind offshore wind leasing round.

The ScotWind documentation includes the leasing launch pack and an engagement document for the proposed Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS).

The launch set of documents encompasses the Offer Document, Registration & Application Form, Guidance Notes for Registration & Application Form, and Option Agreement and Lease. These will provide applicants with the full guidance needed to submit an application.

Furthermore, Crown Estate Scotland prepared an engagement document which provides further detail on the Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS). The document asks targeted questions around the detail of the SCDS.

The SCDS Engagement Document will be published when ScotWind Leasing is launched.

Crown Estate Scotland will launch the leasing after the publication of Marine Scotland’s draft Sectoral Marine Plan.

“As previously indicated, we intend to publish the final SCDS arrangements and the closing date for applications when we have clarity on the final adoption of the Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy”, the Crown Estate Scotland states.

“We will also consider the potential impact of COVID-19 when setting the closing date for applications”.

Crown Estate Scotland has also finalised the development of its online portal through which it will receive applications once ScotWind leasing launches.

The upcoming seabed auction will be Scotland’s first round of offshore wind leasing for a decade.