Obayashi Picks Ramboll Foundations Design Offshore Japan

Ramboll has secured a contract with the Obayashi Corporation to provide the foundation design for a new offshore wind project in Japan.

Ramboll said its engineers will perform the detailed foundation design for the entire offshore wind farm which will be one of the largest in Japan.

The design team will be employed on the project for a period of approximately one year.

According to the company, the special conditions in Japan and the extreme natural forces have a great influence on the foundation design.

“There is a giant potential for Ramboll in Japan. At the same time, however, the geographic location is very challenging for offshore wind turbines,” said Søren Juel Petersen, Global Market Director for Offshore Wind at Ramboll.

“The area has a reputation for both earthquakes and typhoons, which require certain foundation design standards to withstand the giant forces of nature.”

Ramboll has also revealed plans to set up an office in Tokyo.

Photo: Ramboll

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