MHI Vestas Gets Preferred Supplier Status for French Floater

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has been selected as the preferred supplier for the Groix & Belle-Île floating offshore wind project in France.

MHI Vestas

MHI Vestas will provide its 9.5MW units, which means that the number of offshore wind turbines at the demonstration project will be reduced from four to three.

“Installing the 9.5 MW machine for the Groix and Belle-Ile project will build on our experience from WindFloat Atlantic in Portugal and Kincardine in Scotland,” said Philippe Kavafyan, CEO of MHI Vestas. “The oceanic conditions we see in the West of France are representative of 80% of global floating potential, so we look forward to delivering our technology to France and leveraging our experience for future floating projects.” 

The deal with MHI Vestas brought to the signature of the ADEME financing agreement, which lays out the conditions for the state support allocated to the pilot project.

To remind, the European Commission approved French plans to support the Groix & Belle-Île wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of the year, as well as the Golfe du Lion, Eolmed, and Provence Grand Large projects in the Mediterranean Sea.

Most recently, an environmental impact survey was carried out at the project site in the South of Brittany as part of the APPEAL collaborative R&D project.

The article was updated on 7 October with additional information on the agreement.