Global Wind Service Inspecting Horns Rev 3 Turbines

Global Wind Service (GWS) is carrying out the inspection of the MHI Vestas turbines at the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm in Denmark.

The Danish company said it is inspecting and certifying ladders, davit cranes, nacelle cranes, hooking on points, lifts, fall arrests, first aid kits and stretchers at the 406.7MW wind farm.

According to GWS, this is the company’s first full commercial job under its new business segment of Statutory Inspections.

“We are proud to announce that we have started the first full commercial Job under our new business segment of Statutory Inspections. Since the 1st of July, we are inspecting 49 x V164 in DK Waters on Horns Rev 3 out Esbjerg for MHI Vestas,” GWS said.

Horns Rev 3 comprises 49 MHI Vestas V164-8.3 MW turbines, marking the first time an 8MW model is used in Danish waters.

GWS has been contracted by MHI Vestas for the installation, as well as mechanical and electrical completion scope at the wind farm.

The 406.7MW project is scheduled to be commissioned on 22 August, when it will become Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm.