RNLI Answers Wind Farm Support Vessel SOS Call

The Harwich RNLI Lifeboat Station assisted a wind farm support vessel which started catching fire on 13 August offshore the UK coast.

RNLI/Graeme Richardson

According to the Harwich RNLI, just before 9 a.m. local time, a lifeboat was launched to help a wind farm support vessel due to smoke caused by an engine failure.

The three-person crew had the situation under control, while other support vessels were also located nearby ready to provide help, the UK lifeboat station said.

At approximately 11:45 a.m., the support vessel and lifeboat arrived safely in Harwich where the Fire Service and a Coastguard Rescue Team were standing by.

“This type of incident had the potential to be really very serious. Thankfully, the crew onboard the casualty vessel had the situation under control and other support vessels were also in the area to provide assistance to their colleagues,” said Harwich RNLI Press Officer Daniel Sime.

“We were pleased to be on hand to assist and escort them in, with everybody arriving ashore safe and well. The response to this incident was a multi agency response and a good team approach with multiple vessels being on hand to assist.”