Floating Met Mast Starts Operating Offshore Greece

Greek companies Streamlined Naval Architects LTD, ETME, ERGOMARE S.A., and Enalios Diving Center have completed the deployment of a FloatMast platform in the Aegean Sea.

Source: Streamlined Naval Architects

The first Floating MetMast was installed off the coast of the island of Makronissos, at a sea depth of 65 metres and at a distance of 250 metres from the shore.

FloatMast is currently in operation, performing offshore wind measurements, Streamlined Naval Architects said. The demonstration project will provide meteorological data for a period of 12 months.

FloatMast combines a mini tension leg platform (TLP) with a short met mast and a ZephIR 300 wind lidar.

The structure is permanently moored by use of tendons that are pulling down the structure towards the seabed.

UK-based Balltec installed four subsea adjustable mooring connectors and H Links for the project on behalf of Streamlined Naval Architects.

Project developers expect to deploy at least 15 FloatMast platforms by 2021 and reach a market share of up to 15%.