ADEME Nods To TrussFloat Platform

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has validated the final key stage of the EolFloat project to develop a semi-submersible floating platform for large offshore wind turbines.


Under the EolFloat project, engineering specialist Dietswell is leading a consortium of French companies developing the TrussFloat semi-submersible float, with Matiere being in charge of construction engineering, and Oceanide being responsible for basin testing.

According to the developers, the triangular base of the float allows TrussFloat to adapt to any type of high-power wind turbine of 6MW to 8MW, and by extrapolating the concept to a slightly larger size, this float will be able to support wind turbines with up to 13MW capacity.

“This full validation by ADEME stresses the relevance of chosen technological development, that satisfies the terms of the contract and the objectives set,” Jean-Claude Bourdon, founder and President of Dietswell, said.

”It allows positioning DIETSWELL, through its 100% subsidiary DOLFINES dedicated to renewable energies, on the floating farms market with a directly industrialized product, with highly competitive technical and economic characteristics. Already, DIETSWELL is in contact with several developers and turbines manufacturers in Europe and Asia for the provision or promotion of TRUSSFLOAT™ systems.”