TIPM Establishes CTV Crew Training Co-Op with NOS

Taiwanese TIPC Marine Corp. (TIPM) has collaborated with Northern Offshore Services (NOS) on training its crew transfer vessels (CTVs) crew.

TIPM said the training marks the first step of the cooperation plan, under which it wants to engage CTV operation and maritime engineering services in offshore wind.

This training, which was held from 12 to 22 March in the Taichung Port, aimed at introducing the standard operating procedure (SOP) of offshore wind farm crew transfer from Europe to Taiwan for the first time.

The senior captain from NOS provided TIPM’s crew with his expertise and carried out the ship-maneuvering task in offshore Changhua and Miaoli.

According to the Taiwanese company, by conducting the practical program, TIPM establishes its crew training system and enhances its capacity of implementation.

In August last year, TIPC launched Taiwan’s first offshore wind CTV at the Port of Taichung, which is one of two ordered at the compatriot Lung Teh Shipbuilding. The company is expected to have two more CTVs delivered in 2020.

Photo: TIPM