HST Orders Third Damen Fast Crew Supply Vessel

Damen has signed a contract with High Speed Transfers Ltd (HST) for the delivery of a third fast crew supply vessel.


HST Harri, which belongs to the FCS 2710 class that Damen unveiled in May 2018, is expected to be delivered in September this year.

The FCS 2710 class is capable of carrying 26 passengers, twice more than the previous FCS 2610 design, and is able to operate in wave heights of more than 2m due to an extra meter of freeboard.

Just like HST Sofia, scheduled to be delivered this March, HST Harri will incorporate a few small layout changes to the working areas, but other original specifications remain unchanged, Damen said.

Damen delivered the first FCS 2710, HST Hudson, to HST back in July 2018, after it had gathered the experience with the FCS 2610 class and practical input from clients and end-users.

“The Hudson is just about to start its next project with the same client, this time in Belgium,” said HST Managing Director Tom Nevin.

“We are really happy to be adding another vessel to our fleet and it’s been a great experience so far operating for us and our clients, and it’s been very well received in the wider market. Its performance has exceeded all of our expectations and so we are extremely happy to be buying a third vessel and are eager to get it into the market.”